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Mold at home, remedies and prevention

Mold at home, remedies and prevention

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There mold in the house, a fungus that appears in the form of green or black spots on the surfaces of walls and ceilings, may originate from internal sources but is often favored by external sources: poorly lit and poorly ventilated environments are its favorite habitat. Is it possible to prevent mold? Of course, but only if its appearance is represented by bad domestic habits; otherwise, as in the case of rising damp, external infiltrations, etc. it will be necessary to intervene on the structure with ad hoc interventions.

Mold in the house, do it yourself remedies
To remove mold stains on the walls, ceilings, in the bathroom in the kitchen, etc. we can use bleach: just mix 100 ml with a liter of hot water. Then use an old clean rag, pass this solution over the stains and leave for about 10 minutes. After the time has elapsed, wipe the affected areas with a new cloth dampened in hot water

Mold in the house, natural anti-mold
It should be emphasized that bleach is a harmful product both for the environment and for humans. In this regard, we suggest a natural anti-mold DIY that is effective and at the same time zero impact.


  • 1 liter of water
  • 250 ml of white vinegar
  • 100 ml of lemon juice
  • 50 grams of baking soda
  • 50 grams of fine salt


  1. Pour the water into a container and add the baking soda and salt and mix well
  2. Add the vinegar and lemon then mix again
  3. Transfer the mixture just obtained into spray bottles to be recycled: you will need at least 2 of 1 liter each


  1. Spray the natural anti-mold on the infected area and leave it to act for 15 minutes
  2. With a clean cotton cloth, rub on the affected parts, preferably with the help of an old toothbrush or an upholstery brush
  3. Rinse with a clean cloth dipped in a solution of hot water and lemon in the proportions of 1 to 10.

ATTENTION: the operation must be performed in the morning when the climatic conditions are very favorable, ensuring maximum light in the room to be treated.
Sanding should be avoided: mold could move from one part of the chamber to the other along with the dust.

Mold in the house, prevention
The environments most affected by mold are the bathroom and the kitchen: the steam that is generated more frequently contributes to the formation of stains that usually prefer the corners of the ceilings and then spread on the walls. To avoid the appearance of mold it is good to intervene with healthy domestic habits:

  • Always keep shutters and shutters open during the day: mold "hates" the light and does not form in its presence
  • Open the curtains every morning to let in the sun and light
  • Make sure that the temperature of the domestic rooms does not exceed 3 degrees between one room and another
  • Ventilate the compartments for at least 5 minutes a day and in the event of wind, promote air circulation.
  • Keep windows closed in case of rain and high atmospheric humidity
  • In the event of thunderstorms, make sure that no water has entered the window frames and, if necessary, dry immediately and thoroughly.
  • Do not put wet clothes and linen on the radiators to avoid condensation in the house
  • Do not put too many plants in the house and make sure that no water stagnates in the saucers
  • Keep furniture away from the walls by at least 5 centimeters
  • Avoid rugs and carpets in humid environments: they retain moisture

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