Furnish the bathroom as a relaxation space

Furnish the bathroom as a relaxation space

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Furnish the bathroom in natural style it can give a completely different - and better - impression to your home. The ideal would be to have a 'room of the self', that is, a corner of the house - even a small one - to be dedicated to body care, exercises and meditation. Otherwise, it can be folded back onto the bathroom, which from a simple place for hygiene can become a real relaxation space.

Such as furnish the bathroom in order to transform it into a relaxation area? Let's start with the tub: if it's time to replace it, consider the whirlpool option. It is true that it costs more, but being able to indulge in moments of relaxation massaged by water is an investment in well-being to be taken into consideration. Balsamic aromas and fragrant essential oils will do the rest. However, if the goal is limited to renewing a peeling tank, before replacing it, check the possibility of re-enamelling it. In this way you spend less and avoid building work.

Solved the problem of the tub, furnish the bathroom it is a question of bathroom fixtures and fittings. Smart savings are also a component of well-being. And talking about saving in the bathroom means talking above all about water: the toilet must be chosen with reduced water consumption (with the two-button cistern that reduces the flush to 4/6 liters) and the taps must be equipped with universal flow reducers that by mixing air with water, they increase performance by reducing consumption. And if you want something more, there are LED light temperature sensors for taps that are useful and entertain children.

Another important point offurnish the bathroom is that of furniture. Keep in mind that in the bathroom, as well as in the kitchen, heat, aerosols and humidity develop. This makes furniture made of chipboard or chemically treated with emissive finishes absolutely inadvisable. Better to focus on essentiality: safe materials, no sophisticated finishes or processes that require glues or sealants. All this, always and in any case, providing a good and substantial ventilation especially during bathrooms and showers.

Furnish the bathroom it also means thinking about the walls. These must be very breathable, finished with natural paints and only partially tiled to let the walls breathe. Colors are very important for psychophysical well-being and must be rendered using ecological paints. If you want a relaxing environment, soft colors are better, but consider the beneficial effect of orange especially for those who are cold or tend to be depressed.

Finally, don't forget to furnish the bathroom taking care of the safety of the electrical system and avoiding inserting any electrical device into the room. Music, if you like it, better come through a speaker. A bathroom completely protected from electromagnetic fields is certainly a good contribution to your personal well-being.

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