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How home automation works

How home automation works

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Thefunctioning of home automationis based on very specific characteristics such as ease of use, reliability, energy saving and automation.automations,theoperation of thehome automationis such as to allow the total management of electronic devices.

Electronic devices, security systems, communication and environmental management systems such as air conditioning (regulation of temperature, speed and humidity of the air), water heating (thanks to timers and thermostats), automatic lighting (thanks to motion sensors that perceive the opening of a door or the entry of a person into the room), garden irrigation and remote fertilization, pool management ...

In the specific case of automation, theoperation of the domaticait is based on a system of "sensors" and "actuators". The most banal example is a motion sensor that detects the opening of a door and then sends a signal to the actuator unit that will access the lights.

As with lighting, thanks to the system of sensors and actuators, it will be possible to optimize the management of the thermoregulation of individual living spaces according to environmental changes with a constant check of energy consumption. The same standards of quality and savings apply to the hot water generation system for sanitary use, be it a water heater, a boiler or solar panels.

With thedomaticathe simple manual switch disappears and is replaced by the electronic system, sensor, actuator or other management system. Theredomaticacan control the opening or closing timings of curtains, doors or shutters as well as manage communications: video intercoms, security cameras, phone calls, emails ...

Once again, we can help understand these mechanisms with a simple example: let's say there is no one at home, you have gone out and left the alarm on but you want to allow a guest to enter. This will knock on the intercom of the house which, thanks to the very intelligenthome automation, will arrive on your smartphone and with a controller you can deactivate the alarm and open the entrance doors.

The operationof this mechanism is guaranteed by a gateway that provides a permanent broadband connection that allows internet access to home automation equipment and home computers so as to allow data transmission and remote (remote) control.

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