Bad smell in the kitchen

Bad smell in the kitchen

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Bad smell in the kitchen: advice on how to delete i bad smells in the house starting from the kitchen, more exposed to stink is unpleasant odors.

The kitchen is probably the most exposed place in the housebad smells. Of course, in the bathroom we deposit our organic waste but… in the kitchen we have everything! Expired food, burnt food, fruit and vegetable waste, fish leftovers, offal, residues from cleaning mussels and crustaceans ... To all this are added the vapors of cooking food and the emissions of detergents and hygiene products.

With this premise, you will understand that it is no wonder that you sometimes hear abad smell in the kitchen. I'm rarely thereit stinks in the kitchenit is linked to the garbage can (organic collection or a badly made undifferentiated dry) or to the smell of frying.

Generally ibad smells in the kitchenthey originate from the most unthinkable places: the old water tank of the refrigerator, under the sink or from the sink itself, from the filter of the fume hood, from the oven, from the dishwasher or from the filters of the air conditioner. Foreliminate bad smell in the kitchenyou have to understand its origin and .. if this is not clear, you will have an unworthy job: thoroughly cleaning all appliances, drawers and cupboards!

If you have taken a new house and there is a smell in the kitchen, you probably have to clean all the surfaces: new houses may have a strange smell of closed, of building material or if it was previously inhabited, you do not know the habits of the old tenants , so come on with the cleaning!

Othersbad smellsthey can be connected to the presence of pets. A house that hosts pets, even if well-kept, must be thoroughly cleaned every day: the price to pay for having furry pets around the house!

Bad smell in the kitchen, all remedies

As anticipated, you will have to identify the source of the stench and ... if you can't figure it out, you will have to thoroughly clean all appliances, drawers, cupboards ... tidy up in the refrigerator and sanitize every surface, even the most hidden ones like above the kitchen and to furniture. If you do not identify the origin of the smell, it is better to also replace the hood filters and air conditioner filters. Here are good rules to avoid the onset of bad smells in the kitchen:

  • Always check the expiration dates of food, nothing smells more than a food that has gone bad.
  • Do not leave foods uncovered but always seal them in airtight containers or use the classic cling film. The natural acids contained in foods can give rise to unpleasant odors in a short time.
  • Carry out proper maintenance to kitchen appliances, that is
    - oven and microwave
    - stoves
    - smoke extractor hood
    -kitchen robot
  • Guarantee at least a couple of air changes a day. Thoroughly air the kitchen for lunch and dinner.
  • While cooking food, do not forget to operate the steam extractor hood.
  • Do not use air fresheners that only further pollute the home environment.
  • Avoid letting food residues flow into the sink. Pipes are often the cause of bad smell in the kitchen.
  • Avoid ironing in the kitchen, the residues of laundry detergent would disperse in the home environment in which you eat and it is not good and right!
  • Avoid drying laundry in the kitchen.
  • Keep the refrigerator tidy by promptly consuming food close to expiry.
  • Check the fruit and vegetable holder daily.

Betweencausesgodsbad smells in the kitchenoften there is a bad management of household appliances such as oven and dishwasher, as well as a malfunction of the water network. In these specific cases, we invite you to follow the ad hoc instructions:

  • Bad smell in the dishwasher
  • Bad smells from the sink
  • How to eliminate bad smells from washing machines
  • Bad smell in the oven

Betweennatural remedies for bad odors citric acid is organic in nature. Lemon juice is an excellent ally to eliminate bad odors in a natural way.

To thoroughly disinfect the kitchen and all surfaces, you can use artificial products such as creoline, you can disinfect in a wide range. It is a highly polluting product and therefore must be used with caution.

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