Cedar essential oil

Cedar essential oil

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Cedar essential oil: what it is for, properties, uses, natural remedies and all the information for natural skin and hair care.

When we talk about cedar essential oil we can refer both to the essence extracted by cold pressing from the rind of the fruit, and toessential oil of cedar wood or again, the essential oil produced by steam distillation of parts such as leaves and twigs.

When it comes to cedar it is important not to confuse the botanical genera Citrus and Cedrus.

The first, Citrus, belongs to the Rutaceae family and includes all citrus fruits, in particular Citrus medica, what in Italian we commonly call "Cedar".

The second, the Cedrus, belongs to the Pinaceae family and is an imposing conifer that can reach up to 60 meters in height.

Among essential oils of cedar most appreciated we point out that extracted from the plant parts ofCedrus Deodara (or Hymalaya cedar essential oil)and essential cedar oil extracted from the Cedrus atlantica species.

Cedar essential oil for hair

For hair care, both the essence of cedar (the oil extracted from the peel) and the essential oil of cedar wood are useful. The chemical profile of these oils is a real panacea for scalp health as an anti-hair loss remedy. Both Hymalaya cedar essential oil and cedrus atlantica essential oil are rubefacient, therefore excellent in counteracting hair loss. Some experts say that the Hymalaya cedar is more suitable for hair care than the cedrus atlantica species.

To use essential oils for hair care, just dilute a few drops of the essences in carrier oil; Jojoba oil is particularly suitable for the scalp because it improves the absorption of essential oils.

As a remedy for oily and greasy hair

It is particularly recommended for those with oily and greasy hair. Thanks to the antiseptic, astringent and antiseborrheic properties of the chemical compounds of cedar essential oils, it is possible to counteract inflammation of the scalp, prevent dandruff and solve the problem of oily hair. Those who do not have oily hair and aim to achieve brighter and healthier hair with hydrated hair, may find the properties of basil essential oil interesting.

As an anti-hair loss and alopecia remedy

It has rubefacient and stimulating properties, in other words, it improves the flow of blood to the surface by improving the microcirculation of the scalp. In local application, this essential oil stimulates hair regrowth. Also in this case it is recommended to apply diluted with jojoba oil.

Properties of Himalayan cedar essential oil

Himalayan cedar essential oil is extracted from the plantCedrus deodora, native to the western side of the Himalayas and widespread in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Tibet, Nepal and north-western India.

Widespread in environments, it is used to counteract instability and psychological weakness. It is recommended for those who practice meditation and are in search of themselves. Excellent for spreading in the environment during meditation practices or yoga exercises.

It has many properties and is considered:

  • Antiseptic, astringent and healing
  • Useful in case of dermatitis, acne, hair loss
  • Useful for the preparation of ointments to calm itching
  • Useful in massages against cellulite thanks to its ability to stimulate lymphatic circulation
  • Great for making insect repellent ointments
  • In folk medicine it is used to treat respiratory problems and bronchitis. It is also used for the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Properties of Cedrus atlantica essential oil

The speciesCedrus atlanticait is native to the Atlas Mountains, in North Africa, where it forms vast forests. This essential oil is also popular for spreading calm and peace. It can be used as a remedy for alopecia if diluted in jojoba oil or by adding 25 drops of this essential oil to 100 ml of neutral shampoo.

There is also a third essential oil of cedar, the one extracted from the branches and trunk of the Chinese cedar. The properties of these three products can be defined as almost equivalent.

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