Hemorrhoids: natural remedies

Hemorrhoids: natural remedies

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Hemorrhoids, natural remedies: from the diet to follow to advice on drugs and natural remedies to treat internal and external hemorrhoids.

Thehemorrhoidsare vascular structures of the anal canal that when they swell or become inflamed, cause what in medicine is known as "haemorrhoidal disease", called in jargonhemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids: symptoms

Betweensymptomsmost common include itching, painful defecation and bleeding. Bleeding such as to cause anemia is rare and bleeding such as to endanger the patient's life is even more unlikely.

In rare cases, internal or external hemorrhoids can give rise to phenomena of fecal incontinence. Internal hemorrhoids can only be painful if they become thrombotic or necrotic.

If you notice any of the symptoms described above, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. The hemorrhoids they can be confused with other pathologies that lead to the appearance of an anal mass or blood loss from the rectal area. In addition, it is necessary to contact a doctor promptly to decide on the most appropriate treatment: if thehemorrhoidsthey are neglected can give rise to more serious consequences such as phlebitic processes or lead to the development of anal fissures, even more painful.

External hemorrhoids

Theexternal hemorrhoidsare located at the level of the anus. They can be very painful especially when they swell. I can become bloody or itchy. External hemorrhoids, if well treated, can disappear within a few weeks but after healing, a localized growth of skin may remain where previously there was swelling.

Internal hemorrhoids

Theinternal hemorrhoidsthey are found in the lining of the rectum. Typically, the internal hemorrhoidsthey are not painful and the patient only discovers their presence when they become bleeding. Theinternal hemorrhoidsthey can then prolapse and protrude outside through the anus.

Hemorrhoids: causes

Thehemorrhoidsthey can have multiple causes. There cause main of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is given by the pressure exerted by the growing uterus.

Typically, thehemorrhoidsare associated with theconstipationand toconstipation. Those on the hunt for natural remedies to prevent hemorrhoids from appearing should read our article dedicated toConstipation paying particular attention to the paragraph dedicated to nutrition.

Constipation and constipation, as well as pregnancy, induce an increase in the internal pressure of the vascular structures of the anal canal, such an increase in pressure literally makesinflateisswellthe same vascular structure giving rise to the formation of pathological hemorrhoids.

In some cases thehemorrhoidsthey can be asymptomof a more complex pathological situation. Hemorrhoids are associated with some chronic liver diseases.

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Hemorrhoids can easily form during pregnancy due to the increased pressure exerted by the uterus. Hemorrhoids are very common in pregnancy because the uterus,expanding, exerts pressure on the inferior vena cava which in turn weighs on the veins of the lower intestine. To this we must then add that inpregnancywomen tend to suffer fromconstipation, this condition stiffens the last tract of the gastrointestinal system. Another reason why thehemorrhoidsare common in pregnancy is to be found in the diet of the pregnant woman: the nutrients taken by the woman are taken from the maternal body by the fetus in full development, so iron and vitamin deficiencies can cause constipation which in turn causes hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids, natural remedies and nutrition

In the ranking ofnatural remedies for hemorrhoids, it is nutrition that plays a crucial role. Of course, many doctors recommend the use of drugs and these can be useful for treating symptoms. There are topical creams and suppositories on the market and, in the case of painful hemorrhoids, the doctor may prescribe the use of anti-inflammatories or recommend a rest period.

In case ofhemorrhoids in pregnancy, the symptoms usually resolve on their own after delivery and therefore any treatment is delayed until that time so as to understand if it is really necessary to proceed.

As stated, thenatural remedymost effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids consists in proper nutrition. In particular it is recommended:

  • follow a diet rich in fiber (fruit, vegetables, cereals…).
  • Get plenty of fluids, especially water.
  • Notto striveisto contractexcessively the terminal area of ​​the rectum during defecation.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Fill up on vitamin A (blueberries are a real panacea for those suffering from hemorrhoids).

In case of itchy anus, you can take a hot bath by adding baking soda to the water to relieve the itching. It is not recommended to sit for long periods, especially on hard chairs. Remember to tell your doctor about bleeding and other episodes symptoms. In case of constipation and difficult defecation, consider using natural laxatives to avoid straining the rectal area. In the case of painful hemorrhoids, a DIY dandelion-based pack could be soothing.

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