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Open a Bed and Breakfast

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Open a Bed and Breakfast: the instructions and laws to be respected in order to start a Bed and Breakfast business using a room or part of the uninhabited house.

The activity of Bed and Breakfastcan be undertaken upon request to be submitted at least 30 days before the opening of the B&B. To apply for the opening of the Bed and Breakfast it will be necessary to contact the municipality by presenting the following documentation:

  • General information of the applicant who must correspond to the owner of the property. Photocopy of the identity document.
  • Data regarding the location of the property.
  • The floor plan of the property with an indication of the intended use of the various rooms. The plan must be signed by a qualified technician and accompanied by a certificate of habitability or a replacement self-certification.
  • certification on family status and residence.
  • Self-declaration by the interested party that there are no grounds for prohibition, forfeiture or suspension provided for in Article 10 of Law 31 May 1965, n. 575, and indicated in Annex 1 to Legislative Decree 8 August 1994, no. 490.

After submitting the request, within 30 days, the Municipality will have the power to carry out a control inspection and issue the opening permit.

In Italy there are already more than 18,000 iB&Binitiated, before requesting the permit from the municipality of residence, it is necessary to verify that you are in compliance with the town planning-building, sanitation and safety requirements of the property.

Even someone who lives in an apartment building can think ofopen a Bed and Breakfast, just make sure that this prohibition is not explicitly indicated in the condominium statute. In the event that the regulation does not contain explicit prohibitions, the user concerned will not even have to report the matter in the condominium assembly.

Open a Bed and Breakfast, requirements

To start a Bed and Breakfast it is not necessary to open a VAT number: currently the Bed and Breakfast is not a recognized business activity, so from a tax and bureaucracy point of view, the practices are quite streamlined. Despite what has just been stated, there are requirements and constraints to be respected in order to open a Bed and Breakfast. The first requirement is that the bed and breakfast business must be stopped at least 3 months a year.

In other words, those who want to start a Bed and Breakfast must be aware that for 3 months a year (even if not consecutive) they will not be able to host tourists. Another constraint concerns the number of rooms: a maximum of 3 rooms can be made available for a total of six beds.

The requirements do not concern only the number of rooms but also the size: a single room must have at least 8 square meters of surface. A double room must have a minimum area of ​​14 square meters, while it rises to 20 square meters for a triple.

The bathroom made available for guests can be shared, guests do not necessarily have to have a private bathroom. The bathroom must be complete with sink, bathtub, shower, mirror, bidet, power socket and alarm call. Those who decide to start a Bed and Breakfast must have their residence in that apartment.

The requirements listed here may change based on regional regulations. For example, the Campania Region with impunity has an area of ​​9 square meters for one bed, 12 square meters for a double room, 18 square meters for a triple and 24 square meters for four beds.

Other rules:
1) daily cleaning of the premises;
2) change of linen, including towels, twice a week or at the customer's change;
3) supply of electricity, hot and cold water, heating;
4) packaged foods and drinks for breakfast.

Opening a b & b could be the right solution for those looking for a second job and living in a very large apartment. For more information, I refer you to the guide articleHow to open a Bed and Breakfast.

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