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Charcoal: properties, contraindications, dosages and how it is used in the kitchen to make pizza or black bread.

Thecharcoal, Also known asActivated carbonoractivated carbon, is a powder obtained from the processing of timber, sawdust, fruit shells or stones. TheActivated carbonis obtained from thecombustion in the absence of oxygen(or low quantities of oxygen, therefore flameless combustion, at a temperature of 500 - 600 ° C) of wood and its waste. Following the combustion theactivated carbonundergoes a treatment to increase its absorbent surface: it is precisely the high porosity that makes theactivated carbonso interesting in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

What is vegetable carbon

Thecharcoalit is a very fine powder, highly porous, odorless and tasteless, obtained from the combustion of wood and its waste.

The properties of charcoal

Thanks to its absorbing power, theActivated carbonit is often used asantitoxicto retain poisons and toxins: vegetable carbon binds to poisons to create a complex that will then be expelled from the digestive system without being absorbed in the intestinal tract.

In case of ingestion of poisonous mushrooms, among the prophylaxis used in the medical field is the administration ofcharcoalimmediately followed by that of a saline purgative to allow the expulsion of the toxic active ingredients even before their absorption takes place.

Herpropertyabsorbents are ineffective in the case of ingestion of iron salts, cyanides, organic solvents and against the corrosive action of caustic alcohols and other acids.

Still in the medical-health field, thecharcoalit is used for the preparation of certain clinical tests such as ultrasound of the upper abdomen or to absorb intestinal gas in the case of targeted ultrasound.

Activated carbon, an effective natural remedy

In the home environment, theActivated carbonit can be used in the kitchen or asnatural remedyfor various ailments.

It is used as a natural remedy for flatulence and meteorism due to its mild disinfectant properties that it exerts in the intestine.

It can be used as a natural remedy to treat ailments such as:

  • Intestinal problems, gas and difficult digestions
  • Bad breath
  • Aerophagia
  • Dyspepsia with gastric and intestinal fermentations
  • Gastritis and gastric hyperacidity
  • Diarrhea and colitis
  • Meteorism
  • Food poisoning

The contraindications of activated carbon

Betweencontraindicationswe must not forget that hispropertysorbents are not selective, just as they absorb abdominal gas, they also absorb liquids or drugs. Betweencontraindications, in fact, it is not recommended to usecharcoalin the case of drug therapy: it cannot be taken 30 minutes before, nor in the two hours following the ingestion of a drug. In the case of prolonged-release drugs, their use is strictly not recommended. If it is used as a natural remedy for diarrhea, it is important to increase the water intake during the treatment to cope with the increased loss of fluids.

Among the side effects, we point out that high dosages can cause a constipating effect. The appearance of black stools after the ingestion of charcoal has no pathological significance.

For dosages, it is advisable to read the instructions on the manufacturer's label. How much does it cost and where to buy it? To get an idea of ​​prices and where to buy charcoal, please refer to the official Amazon page: Charcoal on Amazon.

The use of charcoal in the kitchen: black bread and activated carbon pizza

In the home, it is possible to use powdered vegetable charcoal to obtain black doughs that are easier to digest, as long as you carefully select the starting ingredients.

Unlike the charcoal in tablets that can be bought everywhere (even in pharmacies), it is not easy to findactivated carbon for food use. I personally buy theActivated carbononline, taking advantage of the best offer found on Amazon or similar portals. On Amazon, a 250-gram package of Charcoal is offered at a price of 16.77 euros. With 250 grams of Activated carbon you will be able to prepare approximately 80 pizzas or loaves of black bread. It has a long shelf life so organizing well, there will be no room for waste.

For all the information and the recipe for preparing activated carbon pizza and bread, we refer you to the article: "black bread with vegetable carbon "

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