Shih Tzu: origins, character, care and price

Shih Tzu: origins, character, care and price

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Shih Tzu: easy to love, difficult to pronounce, this dog comes from China, weighs little, is small, very robust, and looks like a lion. In miniature.

It is a canine breed recognized by the FCI, it is an animal recommended for allergy sufferers - listen, listen! - because it loses very little hair. In addition to giving allergic, is also very popular with Buddhists who cut his hair to make him look like a lion, always the lion, an animal sacred to Buddha. It goes without saying that "Shih Tzu”Means“ dog-lion ”.

Shih Tzu: origins

There are documents that speak of Shih Tzu informally since the sixteenth century but it is in the seventeenth century that these dogs travel from Tibet to Beijing to be crossed with specimens of Lhassa Apso, Tibetan is Pekingesegiving life, in the true sense of the word, to magnificent animals

Soon it becomes our favorite dog of the Chinese imperial court Shih Tzu,and it will be the gift by definition that the monks make to the emperors as a gift accompanied by a blessing. This breed has never been exported from China before 1930 when a first puppy arrived in England. From that moment it has been a continuous crescendo of fame until a popularity that today is Shih Tzu found both as a show dog and as a pet.

Small, no doubt, but massive: it Shih Tzu he is a strong dog in every sense and muscular. As the Lhasa Apso, loShih Tzu it has a woolly undercoat and is covered with a long, silky coat. Just this hair that many love to comb and style. is its main feature.

Looking him in the face Shih Tzu, bangs permitting, you immediately notice the proud look and a nice and funny nose, covered with a hair that grows upwards, making it look and define it as "a chrysanthemum". The skull is rounded and the hair makes it look like a funny animal with a beard and mustache. Many indulge in unlikely hairstyles for it Shih Tzu who, of good nature, do not rebel against the lack of aesthetics and limitations of many humans, present excluded, of course.

Black nose, dark eyes, almost always, it Shih Tzu it has drooping and fur-covered ears, while its plume tail curls at the back. To give dimensions to the presence of the Shih Tzu two numbers are enough, about 26 cm in height at the withers, and an average weight of 5 kg. The rest depends on gender, pedigree and lifestyle.

Shih Tzu: character

Tremendously cuddly, it is Shih Tzu loves being with people, with us, too, and if necessary does not disdain the company of other animals. It is a breed intelligent, responsive, alert and courageous.

To the members of his chosen family, this dog becomes very attached to it, he soon becomes jealous and possessive but also very sweet. With strangers we are faced with a different dog, suspicious and cautious, but only for the initial moment. Then come back as expansive as one Shih Tzu.As for trainability, he is stubborn but responds to any order if assigned intelligently and satisfactorily.

Shih Tzu: care and health

You will notice the labored breathing, in the Shih Tzu who also has the annoying habit of snoring. It is not a silent dog and as a return it is seen that it is an animal predisposed to having ear problems.

Often has pathologies related to the eyes and respiratory system, in addition to the herniated disc caused by the hind legs which are short. If the teeth of the Shih Tzu they need careful veterinary visits, a strong attention is needed at the table. In meals, it is necessary to ensure that it is Shih Tzu you do not get fat, which is very bad for him in itself and also for those who care and love him. Every day, to give the idea, 250 grams of meat, rice or vegetables are enough.

In general, he is an apartment dog, he only needs a couple of daily walks. Woe to it too hot for it Shih Tzu who suffers from it a lot and that is why it is advisable to slightly shorten the hair in the summer months, avoiding shearing it because the long hair means that its skin is partly protected from the sun's rays.

Clean, neat, especially in the care of the eye and ear contours, this dog requires special attention for very sensitive eyes.

Shih Tzu: price

Brushed about every 10 days, it has an average life ahead of about ten years. There are cases of 19 year olds, we hope to tell others with enthusiasm. The price of a puppy, a promise for the future, is 250-550 euros on average. Depending on the specific characteristics of the specimen and the interests of the breeder.

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