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Dog supplements: proposing them, or feeding them, to our dog, depends on the point of view, it can be useful. Even if we feed our dog, in a balanced and healthy way. Might always need to dog supplements and we do not eliminate this possibility a priori, sinning with pride.

Sometimes it's not a question of making mistakes. To feed or care for our dog, but they just might be there metabolic needs or food needs details.

For example in "certain periods" the dog supplements they could help a puppy grow stronger or an elderly hound not to feel less pain.

Dog supplements: usefulness

The objective of the dog supplements is often to increase strength and enhance health, but also to increase performance and physical endurance. In some more specific cases, the dog supplements they make up for the lack of food in the diet, such as principles and vitamins that, at the end of the day, are useful for the health of both young and old animals.

Even when a specimen is hit by physical pathologies, joint, or from energy or food deficiencies, temporarily or due to old age, the dog supplements they come to help. They are an act of love for our animal, an integrative caress.

Dog supplements: ask a veterinarian

Do it yourself not recommended, to choose whether to make use of dog supplements and how, it is necessary to consult the vet. He will make a full visit, one blood analysis and urine, to draw up a general picture of our animal, understand what is necessary and any intolerances and allergies. If nothing is high it may be that the vet advises us to opt for dog supplements as herbal products.

If instead the clinical picture highlights the need to take dog supplements of those food, we listen to the veterinarian. Let's listen to it until the end, administering the recommended doses and not introducing adjustments that can be very dangerous. Abundant, with the dog supplements, that's not necessarily a good thing. For many minerals, for example, too much is too much and the line between an effective dose and a toxic dose is very thin.

In addition to the veterinarian, let us also rely on the label by buying only and only the dog supplements that have a complete one, with all the components and the exact quantity of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals or vitamins, which the manufacturer must always communicate.

Dog supplements: timing

If after six or eight weeks of using the dog supplements we do not see particular results or we see harmful ones on our animal, it is better to interrupt the administration and return to the vet. It is very important, in these cases, our ability to observe our four-legged friend to understand his reactions to dog supplements.

Multivitamin supplements for dogs

The multivitamin dog supplements they are indicated to enrich the dog's diet in various daily situations. For example when you are exercising and exercising, or if you have a too sedentary life. During a period of convalescence these dog supplements they can shorten times, while helping to age better.

During the'feeding time they are often given to female dogs or when you take the animal with you on vacation and find themselves changing environment, climate, habits: dog supplements can ensure that the change does not create complications or hassles.

There are multivitamin dog supplements also to promote the turnover and shine of the hair, particularly suitable during shedding periods, or others rich in Omega-3 and amino acids, aimed at counteracting cellular, physical and mental aging.

Calcium-rich dog supplements

The dog supplements bearers of football they are used to obtain proper bone formation. Just like in human cases. Natural therefore that they are above all indicated in the growth phase, or to strengthen the structure in old age.

Supplements for dogs rich in minerals

The dog supplements bearers of mineral salts they are used to enrich the diet in development and maintenance every day. This does not mean admitting that we cook badly for our pet or that we buy bad food, sometimes for example cooking process or conservation goes to deprive some foods of substances they need. He dog supplements with mineral salts are there ready to help us, especially to perfect home diets.

Dog supplements with antioxidants

The dog supplements with antioxidants contain molecules useful for preventing cancer. These products also help reduce tissue damage caused by allergies, other inflammatory diseases or infections.

Supplements for dogs with brewer's yeast

When the dog supplements are based on brewer's yeast they are usually indicated for skin problems. For example, it may be that our animal has a dull coat, or that it sheds a little more hair than usual. Here are enough dog supplements based on brewer's yeast to change the situation and, when combined with zinc, the effect is even better.

Dog supplements with cod oil

Always for the hair there are also the dog supplements based on cod oil. These products are used when, for example, the skin is affected by irritation, or to help strengthen the bone structure. It is found in tablets, tablets, bars, snacks and liquid solutions. The dog supplements Cod oil-based can also be in food form as well if so complete the meal also acting as tonic.

Natural dog supplements

When animals live in captivity or semi-captivity, they often do not have the opportunity to find flowers and plants that can promote well-being. Those who would eat if they could live in the wild. No problem, there are natural dog supplements.

After consulting the veterinarian in this case as well, also for a test to screen for any intolerances and allergies, we can get a prescription for the right product for us. For example, there are plants that act directly on gallbladder, help to release bile in the intestinal tract responsible for digestion, favoring it and promoting the absorption of all the nutrients present in food.

Some natural dog supplements instead contain liver detoxifying herbs that regulate blood sugar levels, help the immune system and prevent the animal's aging processes.

Here are some specific examples. Let's make the names. The dandelion in natural dog supplements stimulates the release of bile from the liver in the colic to aid digestion, protects against eczema and several other skin diseases.

Then there is the turmeric root which turns out to be an excellent anti-inflammatory. In the dog supplements this herb acts as an anti-tumor, decreases bursitis and tendonitis, in addition to arthrosis, helps the digestion of fats and sugars, counteracts various food allergies. It is also very useful fororal hygiene: treats gingivitis and keeps bad breath away.

Finally, the burdock root favors the growth of intestinal bacteria, strengthens the kidneys and liver and regulates insulin production. Often in the dog supplements natural are present fenugreek seeds, in addition to hawthorn berries: they regulate the pressure, or at least they try, and maintain a regular heartbeat.

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