Alaskan Malamute: character, appearance, training and price

Alaskan Malamute: character, appearance, training and price

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Malamute, Alaskan Malamute, to say it all, the name is a large dog that belongs to the category of "Dogs from the Far North " together with "Siberian Husky ", to "Greenlandic", to "Eskimo" and hangs out in the Nordic region of the planet, between Siberia, Lapland, Greenland and Alaska.

This type of dogs, and the Malamute does not escape its fate, it is in fact a sled dog. Our malamute in particular, it is a very robust animal but at the same time with a calm disposition, a somewhat austere but loyal attitude, especially to the owner.

Do not take it personally, if you exchange it as often happens, with the Siberian Husky: L'Alaskan Malamute he is used to it, but we should learn that the two races are very different in size, structure and personality.

Alaskan Malamute: history

The dog that today is theAlaskan Malamute it is the result of years and years spent in a rigid climate: by now it is tempered and does not suffer from it at all, but let's imagine what this breed has gone through and what natural selection has undergone. The name of Malamute most likely derives from the population with which they lived and with whom they shared days, cold and "picnics" under the snow: Malhemute.

In Alaska, where the Malamute mainly lived, at some point in history it was invaded by pioneers and the breed also suffered a raid: it has degraded a lot due to crossbreeding with dogs other than the Malamute.

In 1926 this dog was "adopted" by the United States which decided to officially preserve its breed. In fact theAlaskan Malamute it is made in the USA. Despite the sociable character that we will later get to know, the face remains a wolf al Malamute, including the slightly cold but absolutely fascinating look.

Malamute: appearance

L'Alaskan Malamute he unquestionably looks like a sled dog, he is from medium size and between males and females we are around 60 cm and 35 kg. In particular, females measure 58.4 cm on average for 34 kg, males must measure at least 63 cm and weigh 38 kg.

Saying they look like wolves, i Malamute, it was all said, then. We can focus on the hair, one of their peculiarities that drives many crazy. The coat is straight on the body, it is hard - we consider it a bad weather dog - and it has a very dense and woolly undercoat. The colors permitted by the breed standard Malamute they are numerous, and vary from light gray to black, brown, from golden to dark red, with the belly, the muzzle, the feet and the legs, strictly white.

The body structure is very vigorous muscular yet agile, the wolf head also features powerful jaws, "smiling" lips and triangular and small ears. The eyes are almond-shaped, not too large and always brown in color, the tail is long and covered with a thick hair.

Another feature ofalaskan malamute it is the elegance of his movements and his proud bearing. When he walks or runs he always expresses one great power, at its pace it is rhythmic and free, optimizes energy and time.

Alaskan Malamute: character

The Malamute, it will look like a Wolf, but it has a wonderful and not wild character. In fact, it doesn't do well as a guard dog because it doesn't know how to be aggressive and comes close "in friendship" to all human beings. A little too much to distinguish the bad guys.

This does not mean that he is not intelligent, on the contrary, but simply that the guard is not his business. He pulls sleds for years and years, and indeed has an exceptional sense of direction, inherent in its DNA. It is sociable but always maintains, from wolf DNA and sparsely inhabited lands, one marked independence but also a strong curiosity. The Malamute he is a playful and docile dog: never seen to be inopportune or ferocious.

With the owner is a dog very faithful, but it is also so with the rest of the family to whom he expresses endless affection. It is undoubtedly the ideal dog for all those who like to stay outside and in his company, he can be trained quite easily but it is very important to make it clear immediately that we are the pack leader.

Malamute: training

L'Alaskan Malamute it's a hierarchical dog, he is used to being in contexts in which the roles are well defined so in order to be able to live with other animals, especially with other dogs of different breeds, he must have a clear idea of ​​the hierarchy that guided “interconnected” relationships.

For the rest, it doesn't matter. Always by hierarchy, it must be said immediately to ours Malamute that the leader is us, we humans, and not him, in the family. It is not necessary to frighten him, just have a pulse, and win his trust and esteem, then he will listen to us and we can continue to educate him with sweetness and firmness.

In general it is not a territorial dog Malamute, lives with the idea of ​​a herd. With maturity, males tend to become more dignified, while females ofalaskan malamute remain more expansive.

Alaskan Malamute: care

The Malamute, given the history and his first occupation as a sled dog, he is clearly a frugal dog so it has few needs. For the coat, a couple of brushes against the grain a week are enough, daily only during the moulting period. It is important to take care of the ear cleaning and general, with weekly washing of the external auricles and a monthly bath. Beware that with the fact of having the undercoat, the Malamute it is not easy to wash.

Our health is good Malamute, but a six-monthly check-up at the vet for feces and urine is always fine, out of caution, but one way to ensure few problems is to feed him well. This means serving in a bowl Malagute a daily ration of high quality feed, to which to add one or two tablespoons of oil, for coat care.

Malamute: price

The price of the puppies of Alaskna Malamute it depends on various factors, first of all the nuance of the coat colors and the pedigree must be evaluated. Naturally assuming that it is a Malamute puppy in excellent health. From breeding to breeding the prices are very different and this creates confusion, to give an idea you pass from 900 euros to 1300. Pedigreee understood and claimed.

Alaskan Malamute: video

We talked about elegant progress, spectacular and fascinating movements between wolf and dog and magic. So here's the Malamute on video.

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