British Shorthair cat: character and price

British Shorthair cat: character and price

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British Shorthair cat, the short-haired cat, as the name suggests, most widespread in Europe. As the name always says, it comes from Great Britain and is a medium-sized animal, known since the 19th century. It has various colors and is meek, suitable for apartments as well as gardens. An almost non-feline character, at times, but I can assure you that the British Shorthair cat is a cat, and also very beautiful.

That the British Shorthair cat is the most widespread in Europe is not a rumor or a summer top ten title, it made the great overtaking, this animal, in 2001, made official in the registers of Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) of the United Kingdom, making its Persian rival taste dust.

British Shorthair cat: appearance

Figure as massive, the British Shorthair cat, and a lot is also due to the very thick hair that the English call "crisp" but it is very soft, but we will dedicate a separate chapter to its hair, because it deserves it. Fascinating are also his eyes, round and very expressive. They are usually color copper and golden yellow but they can also be green and blue, unfortunately it can happen that they tend to fade slightly with age.

Round the eyes but also the head of the British Shothair cat which in general is an animal with soft lines, in fact also shows chubby cheeks, especially if male. The neck is short and massive, the ears are small and the nose short, following the British Shorthair cat shows a robust and muscular body.

And said "cobbyAnd typically has short legs, a large chest, and a well-haired tail. The size of this rounded cat is medium to large: the males reach 8 kg, the females much more slender, to 5. For both, the average life is around 14 - 20 years old if well cared for.

British Shorthair cat: coat

Finally the cloak, which is not the super hero one, in the cases of the British Shorthair cat, but it is a magical cloak as it is soft and colorful, elegant and to be caressed at all costs. There are the most varied colors, it can be unifrome, or two-color or multicolored, brindle, shaded. Hear it here.

The accepted and official colors are blue, the most frequent, especially at the beginning, and then black, white, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, cinamon (cinnamon) and fawn (deer). When it is single color the British Shorthair cat he has eyes ranging from bronze to golden orange, except in the case of white which can also have blue or uneven eyes. White aside, rare exception, all single color they must show homogeneity of coat: each hair must be of the same color from root to tip.

In the case of the British Shorthair cat multicolored on the coat there are various shades of white including, the best known cases are the two-tone and the tricolor, when white prevails, the appellation of "Harlequin". When there are many colors but you can't see white, the British Shorthair cat it becomes tortoiseshell or tortie and they are almost always females.

Both male and female can be brindle or tabby and in 4 different versions: with brindle coat - spotted, striped, flecked and classic. The colors at play in this “model” of British Shorthair cat they are black, red or blue. The novelty of this breed is the version silver or silver, with a fantastic silver undercoat.

British Shorthair cat: legend

With such magical characteristics, the British Shorthair cat he can only have behind him a beautiful legend to tell. It is said that the ancestor of this cat lived in Egypt and was the favorite of General Gasthelos and his wife Scota. When Gasthelos chased the fleeing Jews to Red Sea and his troops were trapped in the waters, the general to save himself from the wrath of the pharaoh, gathered the surviving soldiers and decided to flee to found a new nation.

The cat ancestor of ours British Shorthair cat followed him and became the lucky charm of the mission, they arrived in Great Britain and there they stopped founding a new kingdom. With the approval of the cat that began to reproduce, while in honor of the general's wife, a part of new land was called Scotland, by Scot.

British Shorthair cat: history

Okay the legend, but let's see the true story of the British Shorthair cat, then the choice is yours as to what to believe, or dream about. This breed turns out to be the result of a cross between cats brought to Britain by the Romans and native wild cats. Until the nineteenth century the British Shorthair cat lived in the wild, then came Mr. Harrison Weir who selected the breed starting from the blue tint.

The debut in society, in blue, arrives in 1871 when he participates in the cat show of Crystal Palace, but at the time the British Shorthair cat was confused with i Carthusians and other similar breeds of giant cats. During the two wars there was a decline in popularity for this cat but then he recovered and returned to being raised and appreciated.

British Shorthair cat: character

It is perfect for apartment life on British Shothair cat which certainly has a very particular character, with a stable mood and disposition accommodating rare for a feline. He does not demand a lot of attention, then, and he knows how to stay home alone without messing around or teasing, maybe lazing around. It is certainly not one of the most hyperactive cats but when the owner is in the house he becomes persecutory.

He follows the people he is fond of everywhere, but because he wants to pampering and company, with respect, without ever being intrusive. Sure, it meows and makes itself heard, the British Shorthair cat, but when he is hungry or playing, otherwise he does not bother and also coexists with other human beings, cats and even minors: with the children it is very tender. This is also because he does not scratch or bite, on the contrary he has a sense of family and is affectionate, sweet and almost, I say almost, expansive.

However, do not expect a "mollaccione" animal: the British Shorthair cat he is a great playful and hunter.When and if he hunts, he specializes in rodents, birds and lizards, in the apartment he is satisfied with insects which is still useful, when he plays, he loves having fun with balls and various objects to chase, a bit like if he hunted.

British Shorthair cat: care

The British Shorthair cat it is perfect for those who work a lot and love to be welcomed, and looked after, almost, when they return home, by a discreet but intelligent and affectionate. Yes, because this breed does not require too much care, and does not cause damage, It should be brushed every now and then, it is true, but it is also a pleasure to do it every now and then: I assure you that it relaxes a lot. Another aspect to keep an eye on is nutrition, because it tends to be a cat obese, especially if sterilized or kept indoors.

British Shorthair cat: price

A British Shorthair cat breed, equipped with a genealogical certificate, equipped with an identification microchip, registration in the feline registry of the Ministry of Health, double trivalent vaccination and at least 1 deworming and 1 pesticide it has a variable price between 850 and 1200 Euros.

We also remember that by law a cat can be sold and removed from its mother at least 85 days after birth.

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