How to make celery salt at home

How to make celery salt at home

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Natural alternatives to table salt includecelery salt. You want for problems with high blood pressure or to counter cellulite and water retention, there are many people who want replace the salt in the kitchen with healthier alternatives. Thecelery saltit can be considered a good alternative to table salt, it is very popular in the USA where it is used to flavor meat, fish and first courses; is counted among the ingredients to prepare different cocktails such as the popularBloody Mary.

Compared to table salt it is more delicate so it succeedsto salt with more styleenhancing the other flavors without covering them. According to the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition (INRAN), our body should not consume more than 5 grams of salt per day, yet the same Institute has estimated that an average Italian takes more or less double. The risks associated with excessive salt consumption are now well known: arterial hypertension, increased risk of contracting heart and cardiovascular disease, kidney overload, water retention ... On this page we will see how to make celery salt at home and how to use it instead of the classic kitchen salt.

How to make celery salt at home

There recipe for making celery salt it is simple even if it takes a bit of patience. To obtain 80 grams of celery salt, you will need 4 clean and chopped dark celery stalks. Avoid using light celery because it is too tender and delicate so it would not be able to "salt" the food. To make celery salt at home you will not need the leaves but only the ribs; in fact, to maximize the yield, you can also add the leaves but only after drying them in the sun for a couple of days. Drying is a necessary procedure before being able to make celery salt at home.

To dry the celery stalks, you can provide them with natural drying in the sun (taking it away in the evening), you can dry in the oven, in the microwave or in the vegetable dryer. For drying instructions: how to dry fruit and vegetables.

After drying, you can finally start preparing the celery salt.

Place the dark celery pieces in a blender, blender or manual grinder. Depending on the use you will make of it, you can pulverize it or chop it. For salting soups and soups, thecelery saltpowder is ideal while to flavor meat and fish dishes, you can use minced celery salt.

Anyone who does not want to completely eliminate table salt can make thecelery salteven morestrongadding a handful of whole salt or black salt to the preparation. The addition of integral cooking salt is recommended for the first preparations, so as to accustom the palate to the original flavor ofcelery salt. Another recommended addition sees the preparation of a mixture based oncelery saltand oregano, great for dressing tomatoes! Do not set limits to your imagination (or to the preferences of the palate). Try some mixes of celery salt and spices such as thyme, sage or tarragon, you might be amazed by the intensity of the flavors obtained!

If you don't like the do-it-yourself and you prefer to buy the finished product, online you can find celery salt at different prices based on quality and manufacturer. In this context, we point out on Amazon the Organic Celery Salt - Celery Salt Organic produced in the UK (United Kingdom, Great Britain) from organic crops. The price amounts to about 16 euros including shipping costs.

In summary: DIY celery salt

  • Cut the dark celery into small pieces
  • Dry the dark celery
  • Chop or pulverize the celery

Demonstration video of how to make celery salt at home.

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