Fresh house without air conditioner

Fresh house without air conditioner

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Fresh house without air conditioner, a guide on how to freshen up the home dedicated to that minority that has not installed air conditioning or air conditioning.

Let's face it right away,have a cool house without air conditioningit is possible only if the house is well insulated and if it has shady areas to exploit. In other situations it is really difficultrefresh home without air conditioner. Coping with the summer heat becomes more and more difficult year after year. The mercury column, this summer, reached the highest records ever, putting in difficulty those who live in a house without air conditioning.

A fan can help usrefresh homeespecially if we use it in conjunction with some precautions.

In the hottest hours of the day, keep shutters, windows, doors and curtains closed, especially if they are exposed to the South. they should all be open even early in the morning, in these particular cases only open doors and windows facing north or in shaded areas. Try to shade your house with solar awnings, expertly cultivated trees or with temporary covers to be installed only in summer.

Do not use appliances that generate heat such as stove, oven, hair straightener, hairdryer ... Also pay attention to the lighting, what kind of light bulbs do you have? Many bulbs overheat to emit light and produce heat, better to use low consumption bulbs with LED technology.

As stated, to havecool house without air conditionera well insulated building structure will be required. What materials is your home made of? Cement, rock, bricks, tuff…. these materials, when exposed to the sun, absorb heat and transmit it inside the house (they continue to do so even at night), so it will be really difficultrefresh rooms without air conditioning. A renovation (facilitated with a tax relief of up to 65%) can insulate your home and give you the freshness you deserve.

Does the air conditioning hurt?
Sure,refresh your home in a natural wayon the one hand, it protects our body, however, when the heat is suffocating, the use of an air conditioner is recommended especially for the elderly and those suffering from low blood pressure.

Incentives for the purchase of an air conditioner
Buy aconditionerit can be economically demanding but know that you have two different types of incentives available: on the one hand you can buy an air conditioner of energy class A +, A ++ or A +++ by taking advantage of theThermal account,a benefit provided in the form of reimbursement of expenses with one or two checks that cover a large part of the cost of the conditioner. On the other hand, the appliance bonus made available by the stability law is available, provided in the form of a tax deduction and accessible only to those who, together with the purchase of the air conditioner, carry out renovations.

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