How to remove nail polish without acetone

How to remove nail polish without acetone

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How to remove nail polish without acetone: a guide that will explain how to remove nail polish without acetone and without the use of substances that are too aggressive for the skin and nails.

The nail varnish come inedgoes outfrom my life. I've been using it very little lately because I have the brittle nails and it didn't take me long to understand that that fragility was dictated by enamel: my diet is very balanced, I have no deficiencies or congenital conditions, my hair grows very quickly and I enjoy excellent health! The problem had to be nail varnish... in the articleHow to strengthen your nails naturallyI explained to you what damage enamel can cause us. Nail polish can damage nails directly and indirectly, in fact, even more damaging for our nails are the attempts we make to remove it, especially if it comes to removing the semi-permanent!

If you have used nail polish at least once, you have noticed its pungent smell. Have you ever wondered where it comes from? In fact, that smell should warn you ... It is good to ask ourselves about the safety of what we use and certainly theacetonenot safe at all!

Before you seehow to remove nail polish without acetone It is good to warn you: there are Polishes and nail solvents on the market that use toluene. These packages read in large letters "does not contain acetone ", but among the ingredients there is another toxic substance, toluene. Toluene can cause damage to nerves, kidneys and, according to less accredited studies, even the liver. Inhaling its vapors produces symptoms of tiredness, nausea, confusion, disturbances in the coordination of movements and can lead to loss of consciousness.

The vapors of toluene are highly irritating to the eyes, so if you have already purchased it, it is better not to use it at all or use it in very ventilated environments, it would not be a bad idea toremove the enameloverlooking the window, on the terrace or outside the balcony. The worst effects are for the insiders, those who work as a beautician and use toxic solvents every day should be alert, the risks are many, for example, regular contact with toluene can cause intoxication with euphoric effects. Even worse if the acetone is replaced with methanol which can even be absorbed by our skin causing symptoms such as nausea, confusion, confused vision and in extreme cases blindness and death.

Nail polish removers are not formaldehyde-free and when purchased online, in the absence of controls, may contain a substance known as DBP. TheDBP (Dibutyl phthalate) is known to alter normal hormonal activities and may be related to liver and breast cancer.

This premise served to tell you that it's easyremove the nail polish without acetonebut also that the alternatives on the market are not so safe. The only solution would seem to be to give up nail polish for a while but if you really can't, I'll point out some polish hidden in the ingredients you have at home.

Unfortunately there are "solvents "a little in all products. If you have a spray deodorant you can spray it on your nails and rub a cotton ball on them. This method does not work with any type of deodorant but with a good number of them!

Have you ever heard the phrase "like, dissolves like "?Here! Apply a little top cot and before it can dry rub a cotton ball on the nail, the nail polish will come off too. Hair spray could also help you.

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