Is it worth installing photovoltaics?

Is it worth installing photovoltaics?

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Is it worth installing photovoltaics?Here are some food for thought: between the yield of solar panels, tax deductions and on-site exchange.

Energy prices undergo continuous fluctuations and too often they are played upwards. The use of renewable resources not only remedies the electricity bill, if applied on a large scale it is a good remedy for climate change.

While the energy generated by fossil fuels still occupies the largest slice of the pie chart, renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal are making their way into the energy sector. Install the photovoltaic it remains one of the most practical ways to exploit renewable energy and in the home even the most cheap.

THEsolar panelsthey allow us to significantly save on the electricity bill, indeed, in some cases the balance is so positive as to allow a profit in terms of economic gain.When is it worth installing photovoltaics?Here are some considerations to make to test the convenience of installing solar panels.

Exposure and hours of sunshine
Sun exposure isobviouslya crucial factor. Find out about the annual sunshine hours that affect your area of ​​residence (the Enea solar atlas is available online, just connect to the portali ) and evaluate the implant site well. Where, on your property, it is advisable to install photovoltaics? Is your roof large enough and well exposed? These are the preliminary considerations for those who intend to install a home photovoltaic system.

Installation costs and prices of solar panels
How much does a photovoltaic roof cost? For price estimates, I refer you to the articles:

  • How much does photovoltaics cost, the cost of solar panels
  • How much does a latest generation photovoltaic roof cost?
  • Price of photovoltaics, how much does a system cost? Here are some examples

The initial cost of the photovoltaic system can be significant but at the time of purchase it is necessary to consider the overall yield, i.e. spread over the duration of the life cycle ofsolar panels.

Incentives for the purchase of solar panels and on-site exchange
With the price of photovoltaics we must also consider the state incentives available today. Incentives for the purchase of solar panels are provided in the form of tax deductions that allow for a reduction of 50% of the installation and purchase price of photovoltaic panels. In the article dedicated tophotovoltaic incentives 2015 and 2016A detailed explanation of the current situation of the facilities related to photovoltaics is available.

Currently, those who make use of tax deductions can request, as an additional facility, the right to perform the so-called exchange on the spot. Convenience, inconvenience and reflections on the exchange on the spot are available in the article dedicated todomestic photovoltaic system.

How long will the purchase price and installation of the photovoltaic system be able to pay for itself? Making an estimate of the recovery times of the initial investment can be very useful. Sure, this is a complex equation but it is important before making an investment. To help you, you can investigate your area: if a neighbor or a resident of your city has already installed aphotovoltaic system, do not hesitate to ask him to read the photovoltaic meter in order to get a precise idea of ​​the investment payback times. In good condition, a photovoltaic system could pay for itself in just 3-5 years.

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