Remedies for limescale

Remedies for limescale

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The limescale problem does not only involve taps and sinks, also various appliances, household utensils, tiles and sanitary ware, including toilets, are subject to encrustations which, in addition to being unsightly, are also harmful: they clog nozzles and filters, thus compromising the operation of washing machines and dishwashers .

There are many specific products on sale, but if you want to avoid chemicals, know that there are several valid natural solutions.

Remedies for limescale, eco-recipes
Against limestone we have 5 proven effective allies: vinegar, bicarbonate, lemon, tomato and coarse salt. They are ecological, harmless and cheap, in short, a valid alternative to chemicals.

  • To make a rinse aid for dishwashers, just prepare a mixture with 10 g of citric acid dissolved in a liter of water
  • To remove limescale deposits from bathroom and kitchen surfaces we can prepare a solution of hot water and lemon juice
  • To restore the original splendor to sanitary ware and sinks we can use lemon and bicarbonate. Here's how to proceed: rub half a lemon on the encrusted surfaces, let it act for 15 minutes then clean with a sponge soaked in baking soda. Finally, rinse thoroughly and dry well.
  • To remove the most resistant deposits from surfaces, we can use tomato cut into pieces: the substances contained in the pulp have a solvent action against limestone.
  • To sanitize the surfaces of the bathroom and kitchen and prevent the formation of limescale, we can prepare a solution of hot water and vinegar
  • To eliminate encrustations in the filters, in the caps and in the drain, just use pure vinegar: the taps filters must be immersed in a container full of vinegar for 12 hours, while as regards the drains, the vinegar must be poured and left to act all night long.

Remedies for limescale, the washing machine

  • To soften the water and avoid the formation of limescale in the washing machine, just add bicarbonate and salt to the detergent
  • Instead of softener, we can use white vinegar: it prevents encrustations and allows you to naturally obtain the same results in terms of softness.
  • We can pour the vinegar directly into the empty basket with a long washing program at a temperature between 60 ° and 90 ° to eliminate any deposits.

How to remove limescale with steam
Many do not know that steam is also effective against limescale. To free the clogged iron nozzles and clean the plate, just pour 500ml of water and 500ml of vinegar inside, heat up and make a series of steam jets. If you have a steam cleaning machine, add a measuring cup of white vinegar to the boiler water to eliminate limescale deposits more effectively.

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