Protect your hair from the sun, all the tips

Protect your hair from the sun, all the tips

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It is well known: the sun's rays can damage skin and hair. If your skin is used to using sunscreens of all sorts, what are you doing for protect your hair from the sun? Probably still a little.

The first thing to do forprotect hairconsists in never being missediron, zinc and biotin, micronutrients that together play a crucial role in hair growth. Why it is important to promote the growth of hair to protect them from sun damage? Because the sun damages the structure of the follicles making them fragile and increasing their breakage. With good hair growth, the effects of the sun will be less noticeable.

THE hair damaged by the sun they appear dull, dry, brittle, frizzy, weakened, more prone to split ends and in extreme cases even thinned out.

How to protect your hair from the sun?

Exactly how you protect your skin! Here is a series of practical tips.

  • Wear a hatHats are not in fashion but ... hats seem to be allies of fashion and well-being for this summer. How about the hat the girl pictured above is wearing? You protects the hair directly.
  • Plate and hairdryerTo make the situation worse are the washes that become more frequent in summer. Those lucky enough to have short hair can dry them naturally. Those with long hair, before going to the hairdryer, can pat them dry and dry them as best they can with a towel. Use the hair dryer with cold air to avoid subjecting your hair to another thermal shock.
  • Comb your hairAvoid combing your hair when it is wet! Wet hair is more vulnerable.
  • Bottle of waterBring a bottle of tap water to the beach and when you go up to the beach, use it to rinse your hair. If you go to the pool, you can rinse your hair with sparkling water: the bubbles help remove chlorine!
  • Shampoo and treatmentsUse a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo; sure to use only natural products that respect the hair. You can make an aloe vera gel-based moisturizing hair pack to apply before shampooing. The aloe gel can also be useful to massage in case of slight burns.
  • Argan oilArgan oil has the ability to nourish and penetrate the hair fibers without greasing them. Argan oil is able to bring the active ingredients directly where the hair is damaged. It is an excellent natural remedy to soothe hair damage caused by the sun, chlorine or salt.

Products to protect hair from the sun

As always, I offer you a small display case of natural, ready-to-use natural products.

Biotin and vitamin C supplement, elements that contribute to good hair and skin health. The formulation is based on grape seed extract and Acerola Cherry concentrate. Excellent supplement to protect skin and hair from the sun but also to strengthen nails.

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